Founded in 1998, Michigan Interactive Investments (MII) is a highly selective, leading undergraduate investment club at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Each year, MII builds an investment portfolio with the goal of educating members about investing through interactive portfolio management. By maintaining a small, dedicated member base of approximately 60 undergraduate students, MII is able to effectively teach members about investing in a variety of equity, fixed income, and derivative securities. MII is unique in that we manage a $25,000 student-run portfolio that is completely funded by our members. As such, we have complete freedom over our investment strategies and asset classes, which include long/short equity, fixed income, and currencies.


Michigan Interactive Investments (MII) was founded in 1998 with the objective of learning through hands-on portfolio management. In 2002, MII became an official club of the Ross School of Business; however, membership remained and continues to remain open to any undergraduate student at the University of Michigan. By the mid-2000’s, membership grew to over 300 members. As of the 2008-2009 academic year, MII was one of the largest student run investment clubs in the nation. However, in the fall of 2008, MII underwent a transformation, consolidating membership to sixty passionate and knowledgeable individuals so as to create a stronger, more cohesive club. This new structure continues to provide our members with more interactive meetings and increased member involvement. As our development as a professional organization continues, MII continues to remain committed to providing our members with real world investing experience through interactive portfolio management.

Michigan Interactive Investments utilizes a multi-faceted investment strategy, involving both fundamental and quantitative analysis, to invest in equities, options, and fixed income instruments. We take a disciplined approach to investing, focused on a medium-term outlook for attractive returns while preserving capital. To that effect, we primarily use a bottom-up approach to source investment ideas, but also implement top-down and quantitative screening strategies to identify opportunities that will outperform our S&P 500 index benchmark. Additionally, we supplement this fundamental approach to investment selection with technical analysis to identify appropriate entry and exit points for our positions. 

Michigan's Top Investing Club

The Experience

Michigan Interactive Investments offers members a unique, real-world investing experience through education and hands-on portfolio management.

Innovative Strategies

MII utilizes a multi-faceted investment strategy involving both fundamental and quantitative analysis to invest in equities, options, and fixed income instruments.


MII offers members unparalleled recruiting opportunities. Its members have gone on to join the top investment firms in the world. Most recently, MII members have accepted positions at Ares, Apollo, Bridgewater, J.P. Morgan & Co., Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and many more top firms.


Milan Jain

UIC Co-Director

Milan Jain is a sophomore at the University of Michigan pursuing a BBA+BS finance and informatics dual degree. Previously, he interned at Merrill Lynch while helping manage HyrMedical, a healthcare startup based in Cleveland, Ohio. Outside of UIC, Milan co-founded the Undergraduate Informatics Society and serves as a board member of the BBA Finance Club.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing pickup basketball, hiking and self-learning calligraphy. 

Ricky Yoo

Ricky Yoo

UIC Co-Director

Ricky Yoo is a sophomore at the University of Michigan studying finance and accounting. Outside of MII, Ricky is involved with Michigan Stocks and Bonds and Delta Sigma Pi. Prior to coming to UofM, Ricky volunteered as a board member for the National Youth Leadership Council, advocating for systemic education reform. In his free time, he enjoys creative writing, exploring museums, and taking pictures.

“The UIC has become the leading conference in the United States for students interested in Finance."

Geoff Pottow, Former UIC Director